September 14, 2015
The Search Dog Podcast for September 15, 2015 features a talk by Marcia Koenig about basic principals of search dog training, with tips for identifying and fixing training problems.
Marcia has been involved in volunteer search dog work since 1972. She was a founding member of the American Rescue Dog Association and the Texas Unit of ARDA. She is a founding member of Northwest Disaster Search Dogs and King County Search Dogs and a past member of Region 10 DMORT task force. She is the past chair of the National Association for Search and Rescue search dog committee. She has decades of experience teaching and mentoring search and rescue canine handlers.
Marcia would love to do a follow up to the podcast, answering specific questions sent in by listeners. So if any listener has a training question or problem, please send them to podcast@n-sda.org.

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