EPISODE 42 Canine Motivation with Robert Noziska

May 14, 2016

The May interview is part 2 of an interview with RobertNoziska. In this podcast we discuss canine motivation.


Robert J. Noziska,serves as the Special Operations Supervisor (SOS) and K-9 Coordinator for theUnited States Border Patrol, Special Operations Group, headquartered in ElPaso, Texas.  SOS Noziska has been assigned to the special operations unitknown as BORSTAR (Border Search Trauma and Rescue) since its inception in1998.    Additionally, Noziska was the driving force behindthe implementation of the Search and Rescue Canine Program for the BorderPatrol.  Agent Noziska, developed the techniques and training methods thatare currently being used by the Border Patrol SAR and Tracking canine teamstoday. Agent Noziska has been training Canine Teams for the Border Patrol since2001.  SOS Noziska is a certified Instructor for Human Remains Detection,Tracking/Trailing, Search and Rescue, Obedience and NarcoticsDetection.   Noziska was instrumental in the formation of theHorse Patrol Canine teams that are working on the southern border today, andwas the instructor for those teams trained at the Canine Center El Paso in thepast.  Agent Noziska is a Master Trainer/Lead Evaluator/Instructor for:United States Border Patrol, North American Police Work Dog Association,National Association of Search and Rescue, National Search Dog Alliance and theNational Narcotic Detector Dog Association.

SOS Noziska has turned his focusand his unique skill set on training U.S. Government personnel and other Stateand Local agencies.  His success is not only qualified by training invarious canine disciplines, but includes his sound understanding of search strategies,man-tracking and the Global Positioning System.  Due to his unique skillsets he has trained dog teams for foreign government agencies and has acted asa consultant for many agencies within our own government.  Additionally,Noziska has been credited for the training of “Back-tracking Canines” for theBorder Patrol.


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